Adios San Francisco

For those who don’t already know, I’m leaving San Francisco tomorrow. I’ve decided to take a leap into the world of fully remote working and spend part or most of my time out on the road, seeing the world. The fancy new term for this is “digital nomad.” Below is a little piece I’ve written about it:

Adios San Francisco. That was all I could muster for the title of my going away event from the most impactful city I’ve lived in so far. I came here with Silicon Valley dreams of startups full of gold, not knowing the city at all and only really knowing one person in the whole bay area. The exponential rise and fall of companies was dizzying and magic at the same time. I found my way onto startup rocket ships, only to sometimes find them catastrophically failing.

More than any workplace drama though, I’ll remember all of the amazing times here. Morning runs along the Embarcadero in awe of the bay bridge as I pass below it struggling for air. Late night meet ups watching semi-professional wrestlers flip off the top ropes while spectators smoke a newly legal “cigarette.” Every hit, pass, dive, and set of the years of volleyball I played here and shared with my teammates. The day time hang outs, the night time adventures, workplace gossip, the quiet times and the chaotic times. I would do them all again if I could.

This city has provided me with amazing lifelong friendships, unforgettable experiences, and helped me grow as a person. The people I’ve met here have had a lasting impact on me and I hope that many of you will continue to be friends in a slightly more digital capacity for the time being. So thank you to everyone I’ve met here and before I get choked up writing this, Adios for now San Francisco!

Cory Hess
Traveler and a creative. I'm currently on an open-ended journey around the world, meeting interesting and authentic people while running Parallels.
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