Tamarindo is that beach outpost that you heard one of your surfer friends vanished off the map to. It’s far-flung and hidden, tranquil yet still fluttering with signs of life. A sunning iguana, no two, actually dozens of miniature dinosaurs lift their faces skyward, eyes closed in reverence, but ever-ready to scatter in alarming speed at any threat. A lone seashell sits glistening at the edge of the surf, the water’s edge ridding the shell of any powdered sand debris. The ocean waves roll and retreat, inviting the intrepid to take a soothing dip, but they harbor an abyssal secret; the unassuming river mouth nearby shelters hundreds of crocodiles who venture out into the surf break all too often.


Tamarindo Travel Guide: See, Do, Costs, & Ways to Save (Updated 2021)
A comprehensive budget travel guide to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with tips and advice on things to see, costs, ways to save, where to stay, and more!
Tamarindo, Costa Rica: Plan Your Dream Beach Vacation
Plan the perfect trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with Mytanfeet's detailed guide. Get our personal recommendations, tips and advice!
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