Positano. An Italian nesting doll of intricately stacked pastel buildings housing centuries of memories and character. A dew drop falls from a cluster of Aglianico wine grapes that lazily climb a wire rigging overhead. A buttermilk-toned horse neighs and snorts from its shadowy hillside enclave behind a scant wooden fence lined with magenta bougainvillea blossoms. The delicate smell of lemons permeates the beachside air, wafting from one balcony to the next. Meticulously placed umbrellas line the beach in groupings of orange, lemon and lime stripes, and deep azure, shading beach-goers reading books or taking in the vast tranquil seas that roll beyond the horizon.


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Positano - Amalfi Coast Guide
Discover everything there is to see and do in Positano on the Amalfi Coast: info, hotels, and insider tips!
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