Búzios is the place you don’t speak of, that hidden oasis that you hope against all inevitability of globalization isn’t discovered by the masses. And yet, I found it, and countless others have recently ventured to this undulating peninsula striking out into the South Atlantic waters, this enclave that harbors over two dozen immaculate and diverse beaches.

My toes sunk through the crunching sand of Praia dos Ossos, Beach of the Bones, as I sat to bask in the late-day sun. Traces of reflected sunlight bounced at odd angles as the tiny stone pebbles crashed over the top of my bare feet. They gleamed pink and white, an entire beach made of crushed quartz. Children giggled and splashed in the loping waters, an elderly couple embraced in the waist-deep surf, and a sparrow hopped ever closer to me in search of a handout. Shangri-La in Brazil.


A Cultural Guide to Búzios: The Brazilian Saint Tropez
While the World Cup takes over Rio and Sao Paolo, the hidden seaside gem of Buzios provides beaches, glamour and culture to visitors in the know.
Cory Hess
Traveler and a creative. I'm currently on an open-ended journey around the world, meeting interesting and authentic people while running Parallels.
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